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It’s no secret that the Fortnite phenomenon has been felt around society. Not only is it one of the most popular games among gamers, it’s also been quite the hit in the pop culture world. We’ve seen the likes of Ninja play with rapper Drake, and we’ve seen dances such as the Orange Justice dance make its way from the real world to the virtual world of Fortnite. One of the biggest things in esports is the everlasting comparison between that of esports and traditional sports such as baseball, basketball and even hockey.

Recently, one of the marquee players from the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs, Mitch Marner, showed off a pair of awesome Fortnite themed skates. The entire boot of Marner’s left skate is covered in the iconic Fortnite art that we’ve all learned to love.

Marner hosted his own charity event, the Marner Assist Fund, a three-day event that allows fans to participate in a plethora of activities ranging from a draft party, a skills competition and even an awards ceremony. “The Marner Assist Fund aims to create sustainable change for children and youth by providing resources that will make a significant impact on their futures. It grants support in the areas of children’s social care, health and education.”

Marner is coming off a 22 goal, 47 assist campaign where he set career highs in both categories but it’s not just him that enjoys Fortnite in the Leafs locker room. In an article previously shared by TSN, Marner joked about his teammate Auston Matthews when asked if he ever gets frustrated on the ice. Marner said, “No, not really in hockey. I’ve seen him get frustrated in Fortnite a lot, but not in hockey.”

Auston Matthews is tired of his teammates not sharing the loot 😂

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