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EHOME emerge as China’s top team at the end of four weeks of matches in the first season of the DPL-CDA Professional League, a project born from the collaboration between Chinese DOTA2 Professional Association and Mars Media’s DPL league.

Started on the 27th of April, the DPL-CDA Professional League Season 1 featured 10 teams from the Chinese region battling for a share of the ~ $70,080 (¥500,000). Unfortunately, towards the end of the third week in the competition Newbee got disqualified due to match-fixing allegations and all their series were reverted to wins for their opponents. EHOME were on a 7-0 win streak when they were granted a default win over Newebee and reached an overall 9-0 series record with their last victory in the tournament over Team Aster. However, their first place in the league was secured when they took down 2-1 the Chinese powerhouse Vici Gaming.

EHOME vs Vici Gaming

Game one was a slugfest, EHOME getting heavily out drafted by VG who secured a strong team fight line-up with the Mars-Phoenix combo on top of a Luna-Shadow demon dup that kept the tower pressure up. Headed into the second game with a quick loss, EHOME outpaced VG with an impossible to be killed Ursa from Liu “Sylar” Jiajun and a mid lane Dazzle who went for the same Necronomicon build as his offlane Beastmaster to overwhelm VG extremely fast.  

 In the last game of the series, EHOME surprised VG with a last pick Broodmother played by Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida in the mid lane while Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang went with another Dazzle pick, but played it in the offlane. EHOME’s strategy was all about swarming VG’s territory with the Broodmother and forcing them to an early base defense as they also had Sylar on Lycan to enhance the push. Brood claimed the mid lane from the first minutes of the game forcing VG’s mid lane TerrorBlade to play from behind. Unfortunately with Brood extending her webs into the VG jungle and constantly farming the neutral camps there, VG had no room to plan a counter attack and had to admit defeat in just 25 minutes.

DPL-CDA Professional League Season 1 final standings

1st place: $36,652 – EHOME
2nd place: $26,140 – PSG.LGD
3rd place: $23,547 – Invictus Gaming
4th place: $15,277 – Team Aster
5th place: $11,703 – Vici Gaming
6th place: $10,091 – CDEC Gaming
7th place: $6,377 – Royal Never Give Up
8th place: $4,765 – Keen Gaming
9th place: $3,084 – Sparking Arrow Gaming
Disqualified – Newbee

Eight out of the ten participating teams in the first season of the DPL-CDA Professional League will embark tomorrow, May 26, in the battle for the Chinese region title of ESL One Birmingham Online. Longinus who claimed a spot into the event via regional qualifiers will join EHOME, PSG.LGD, Invictus Gaming, RNG, Aster, SAG, and CDEC Gaming.   

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