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The final best-of-one elimination series at The Chongqing Major was upon us with TNC Predator and Team Aster fighting to stay in the tournament. So far today we had seen the end of Alliance, the demise of The Pango and the dismantling of Forward Gaming – all 3 by teams who had not won a series prior to today. Team Aster were another one of those teams, but TNC had everything to play for and would never give up without a fight.

TNC went into the game as the clear favourites, especially after Aster had shown absolutely nothing great in the Group Stages. While the game was fairly slow, TNC played meticulously, finding kills once in a while but more importantly farming up well on Kim ‘Gabbi’ Villafuerte’s Morphling. With a total of 20 kills by half an hour, TNC had already removed the bot barracks and had a growing lead with no sign of any fight from Aster.

While Aster showed one brief moment of life, TNC were way too strong and with a RAMPAGE from Gabbi, the GG was called and TNC emphatically moved forward in the tournament.

TNC Predator would move on to face a dangerous Team Liquid in the next round while for Team Aster, their poor performance at The Chongqing Major sees them eliminated. While the eliminations are done for the day, we look to the Upper bracket again next with PSG.LGD taking on and EHOME battling Team Secret.

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