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After a wait that seemed to go on, the Battle Pass for The International 2019 is finally here. The theme for this years Battle Pass is ‘Overgrown, enchanted jungle ruins’ and Valve has not failed to deliver! Like always, the Battle Pass brings with it a lot of good stuff. Let’s take a quick glance at what we have in there.

(1) The Basic Outlook

The basic outlook of the TI9 Battle Pass is pretty much the same as predecessors. And that is just the way we like it! Well, most of us anyways…

(2) Jungle Expedition

Jungle Expidition is similar is Cavern Crawl last year, but with a new theme. You go through the maze playing differnt heroes until you reach the end and unlock a set for a particular hero The three lucky heroes this year are-

(3) Wrath of the Mo’Rokai

This years expidition is something titled ‘Wrath of the Mo’Rokai.

From the looks of it, it seems like there will be two teams competing and the prize at stake: Battle Points!

(4) Earthshaker Arcana: Planetfall

Every year, I wonder how will we ever see a majority of the heroes adording arcanas. One arcana per year just isn’t enough. Seems like Valve read my mind as along with the arcana vote, Battle Pass users that get up to level 365 will get an Earthshaker arcana! This arcana breaks the leashes of the original lore and takes us into another dimension where Earthshaker has merged with the fragment of another planet.

(5) Tiny Prestige Item and Axe

The last three prestige item recipients have been Legion Commander, Kunkka and Lion in that order. Next in line: Tiny! You need to get to level 255 of the Battle Pass to get it though. But wait. There’s more! Get to level 425 and you get an Axe set (which is acually an Immortal) in which the beast is without a weapon and attacks everything bear handed! Well, the description is pretty accurate – Bare Knuckle Axe Set. Badass!

(6) Avoid Player

This is a huge addition to this years Battle Pass! We have been seeing everyone from casual players, to players taking ranked seriously to high ranked professionals asking for a feature in which they do no match with someone. And the wish has finally been granted. Certain players can be avoided and will not match with you again. Techies players, goodbye!

(7) Coaching

This years Battle Pass offers points for coaching. Coaching is a feature that has been in Dota 2 for a long time but isn’t used a lot. Maybe Valve want players to realize how useful it can be and what better way than to incentivize it with Battle Points?

(8) Party Finder

The last prominent feature of the 2019 Battle Pass is the ‘Party Finder’ feature. You don’t need to keep adding people on Steam as friends if you just like playing a few games of Dota 2 with them. Just add them to your Party Finder option. When you go online and are looking for a party, the option lets you send and invite to everyone and anyone who is looking for a party can join!

So there we have it, the TI9 Battle Pass. Besides these features, we also have Immortal Treasure I being released which contains Immortals for:
-Lifestealer (Golden one – Very Rare)
-Death Prophet
-Nyx Assasin
-Skywrath Mage (Golden One – Very Rare)
-Centaur Warrunner
-Earthshaker (Rare)
-Drow Ranger (Ultra Rare)
-Overegrown Emblem (Cosmically Rare)

The typical features like wagering and ranked roles (in case you don’t have Dota Plus) also make a return.

Well, time to start Dota 2, find some Techies players and start banning them!

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