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VGJ.Thunder threw themselves in The International 2018 main event lower bracket on the back of inconsistent performances during the four days group stage. Despite having two of the greatest Chinese veterans in their team, Thunder couldn’t recover and were eliminated on the first day in the Rogers Arena.

The Chinese outlet eSportsFocus had the chance to talk to Liu “Sylar” Jiajun who explained pretty bluntly what happened with his team. The interview was conducted in Chinese for the Chinese community and VPesports is happy to share with you the English translation.

Hello Sylar, thank you for taking the time for this interview. How would you rate your performance in the group stage?

We made way too many mistakes and threw a lot of games that we were supposed to win.


Did those games affect the team mentally?

Definitely. After all, the upper bracket and the lower bracket are two completely different worlds.


So what’s the reason behind VGJ.Thunder’s inconsistent performance in the group stage?

It’s just that every player inside the team is really form-dependent. We can keep winning if we are in a good shape but when we can also lose simply because one of us is having a bad game.


It’s pretty obvious that you favored Weaver a lot in the group stage matches. What are the strengths of this hero?

Our coach really likes this hero because Weaver is a great laner by itself and does not require much babysitting. So, instead of putting pressure on your teammates, Weaver puts pressure on the opponents.


Invisible heroes like Riki and Weaver were picked a lot in group stage, what are your thoughts on that?

There are two types of invisible heroes: Heroes that can make early rotations to force the opposing team to purchase lots of sentries. And heroes like Weaver whois highly contested because he is great in the lane.


Who is the drafter on your team?

rOtK, we also give him some suggestions during the drafting phase.


Do the negative comments from the Chinese community affect you?

Not really, and I understand why the community would do that, after all, it’s an even-number year (China’s time to win) and we’ve only got PSG.LGD in the upper bracket. So let’s just hope that the rest of the Chinese teams can play better and achieve good results.


Speaking of an even-numbered year. Do you think the pattern will continue this year?

All the foreign teams are really strong this year. I hope we can work harder and let the pattern continue.


Last question: will you still be playing competitively after TI8?

Sure thing, but I don’t know for how long, I think I will retire when I’ll feel that my performance has declined and I’ve become a burden to my teammates.

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