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The two organizations found a consensus and apologized to their fans for the awful way the Du “Monet” Peng transaction was handled.

At the beginning of this week LGD released an official statement where they were accusing their player Monet, member of LGD Forever Young squad, for breach of contract. The duel between LGD and Monet was held in front of their fans, on Weibo where both parts released numerous statements and arguments to support their claims. In short, Monet wanted out of LFY so he can freely join RNG, the giant League of Legends organization which is now venturing in the Dota 2 world with a premier class team.

RNG didn’t want to get involved in the ugly war between LGD and Monet, at least not in a public way, and before all the disagreements were sorted out, they were already signed up with a full roster for the Kuala Lumpur (KL) Chinese open qualifiers. Yesterday, after RNG advanced in the closed regional qualifiers, both them and LGD released statements on their Weibo accounts to apologize for the manner in which Monet was transferred.


Extract from RNG’s official statement

“As a newcomer in the Dota2 field, we had some communication problems during the initial recruitment process […] and we acted immaturely when we tried to build our team. We express our sincere apologies to the o Dota 2 players, esports fans and to those working in this industry.

We managed to settle all our disputes with LGD and we will work together in the future to ensure that all the relentless efforts in developing the domestic Dota 2 scene are not worthless.”


Extract from LGD’s official statement

“We encourage the excellent players to actively plan their career path and we welcome all the people from outside the esports world to join us. However, seeing how fast this industry is developing, it’s fair to assume that all the relevant parts of this system will improve and respecting and for the players and organizations, the contractual and professional spirit in esports is the most important. This is an undebatable duty for any person working in the esports. […] We welcome RNG in the Dota 2 field as we settled all the conflicts regarding Monet’s transfer.

We apologize to all the fans and we hope that Monet will continue to develop under the RNG banner and we look forward to meet him and his team in official matches.”


KL Major CN open qualifiers



As previously mentioned, RNG managed to clinch a spot in the Chinese closed regional qualifiers for the KL major and are most likely to be seeded in group B, next to LGD, as they are the second team coming from open brackets. The other squad coming from open qualifiers is Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei’s Team Aster. Two more teams will emerge victorious by the end of this weekend from open brackets and will join the closed qualifiers battle.

The second leg of CN opens reached the round of 32 and there are a bunch of renowned organizations and well-known players fighting for the two spots left. Invictus Gaming and iG. Vitality, Ken Gaming, EHOME, Leong “ddc” Fat-meng’s new squad, Team Root, CDEC Gaming and Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng’s DeathBringer Gaming are all fighting now for the two slots.

Benjamin “Bkop” Kopilow has been following closely the Chinese qualifiers, providing English commentary all these days,  and those interested to catch all the action can tune in to his channel,

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