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The Grand Finals of The Chongqing Major were upon us and it was clear that 2 teams had stood out above the rest. Team Secret and would once again, much like in the previous Major, be fighting it out for the title in a best-of-five series. At the previous Major, it was who triumphed over Secret in Grand Finals and just yesterday the CIS squad had knocked Secret into the Lower Bracket, but they had fought back and now they were hungry for revenge.

Secret came into the series looking absolutely unstoppable while VP seemed to be a little behind, even in the drafting. An unusual Oracle pick from the CIS team seemed to have no place among their draft but it was not the only issue they had. Michal ‘Nisha’ Jankowski’s unkillable Phantom Lancer was the other side of VP’s problems and it took only 21 minutes for the GG to come out.

Secret were dominating and game two was the quickest in the tournament as the GG was forced out in only 17-minutes. A perfectly worked Drow-strategy from Secret with a support Luna and auras everywhere would be the downfall of VP this time around. With a 2-0 lead, Secret seemed set for the fastest Major Grand Finals victory ever.

VP went into the next game heavily on the back foot, and facing a quick series loss in the Grand Finals of the Chongqing Major. It was 20 minutes of VP seeming to have control of the game and then Secret were ready to fight, instantly walking up and dropping a barracks.

But VP were not done yet as they managed to fight back and wipe their opponents from the map – and the game begun to go back and forth for a long period as both teams threw everything at one another. finally were able to make a stand and woke up in the series, taking game three.

Game four was intense as Secret still sat on ‘match point’ but a win for VP would tie up the series and take it to a decisive game 5. But Secret had other plans in mind as they took control of the game and VP looked set to fall.

Just after the half hour mark had passed was when Team Secret struck their hardest and final blow, nailing the coffin shut on VP and claiming The Chongqing Major title.

While Team Secret claim 4950 DPC points from their victory, both them and had already secured qualification for The International 2019. With the second Major of the season now complete, we look towards the next Minor which is just over a month away.

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