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The StarLadder ImbaTV Minor was the third Minor of the year. Vici Gaming dominated the tournament and won with a resounding 3-0 scoreline in the grand finals Gambit Esports and will be travelling to Stockholm to play the Major. Here are what the team stats looked for the minor.

Team statistics for the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor

Hero Stats for StarLadder ImbaTV Minor:

Total games played: 33

Total heroes picked: 79
Number of heroes unpicked or unbanned: 28

Most picked hero: Ember Spirit (14 games, 3 wins, 21.43% win rate)

Most contested hero: Lifestealer (24 games, either picked or banned in 84.85% of the games)
Most banned hero: Lifestealer (20 games)

Hero with the highest win rate (5 games or more): Phantom Assassin (games, 7 wins, 87.5% win rate)
Hero with lowest win rate (5 games or more): Rubick (5 games, 1 wins, 20% win rate)

The StarLadder ImbaTV Minor wasn’t the exciting tournament that the first two Minors were. Vici Gaming, a team that made it to the first two Majors directly, showed that that’s where they belong as they annihilated everyone else in in the Minor. The only game Vici dropped (out of 10 played) was against Gambit Esports in the group stages.

In terms of stats, there isn’t too much analysis that can be done as only 33 games were played. Lifestealer was banned in a lot of games so it’s hard to say if the hero is still as good as it was. Phantom Assassin seems to have found her footing back with 7 wins in the 8 games she was picked in. Shadow Shaman and Bane both had 7 wins from 10 games, so they are also heroes to watch out for in the Stockholm Major.

The Stockholm Major begins on the 14th and will go on till the 24th of March. It will be interesting to see the hero picks in that tournament. Expect a big patch after the Major based on how heroes tend to do in it.

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