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We had finally made it, the Grand Finals of The International 2018 – PSG.LGD versus OG, one team set to take over $11,000,000 home and be crowned the victor of TI8, having their names immortalized on the Aegis of Champions. OG and LGD had met in the Upper Bracket Finals, where OG dropped them to the Lower Bracket in a spectacular 3 game series – now would be the rematch, but this time it was best-of-five.

Game one was heavily in PSG.LGD’s favour in its opening phase as Wang ‘Ame’ Chunyu’s Bloodseeker was able to pick up a lot of the early kills and control the map due to his Thirst ability. The Chinese squad held a solid lead too, but that quickly changed when OG’s lineup began to team fight. With Treant Protector, Monkey King, Earthshaker and Winter Wyvern on their lineup, OG smashed every team fight, picking LGD apart with ease as they dropped ultimate after ultimate, stun upon stun and forced LGD to tap out.

The next game was very different from both teams – OG going with the Wisp-Gyrocopter combination and LGD managing to get the Earthshaker this time around. It was barely a contest as Lu ‘Somnus’ Yao’s Kunkka destroyed OG’s lineup. With Yang ‘Chalice’ Shenyl at his side on Enchantress, they did not give OG a second to think and by just over 30 minutes, the series was tied.

With everything now tied up the third game saw more lineup changes, with the Earthshaker finally getting banned out so no team had that jump-in initiation. OG barely saw a lead for themselves in the game as not even Topias ‘Topsen’ Taavitsainen’s Morphling could withstand the Chinese team’s lineup.

Xu ‘fy’ Linsen’s Phoenix was magnificent, event finding solo double kills for himself and ensuring that he took his team to victory and put them 1 game away from claiming the Aegis of Champions.

OG went into game four with another unusual lineup, the same ones that we have become used to seeing from them throughout their amazing run through the Upper Bracket. With an Axe for their frontline and an Invoker to back it up, OG were hoping to tie up the series and take us to a game five. The game was frantic but Sébastien ‘Ceb’ Debs’s Axe play was almost perfect as he took his team into a solid lead early on.

As the game continued, LGD managed to find ways to deal with OG’s plan and with every team fight, the Chinese started to pull ahead slowly. Again, things got frantic as LGD took down OG’s mid barracks and OG brought out an insane defense to bring themselves back into the game again and again.

An absolute crazy game lasted over an hour and it was Ana’s Phantom Lancer that made the difference as OG came back perfectly tie the series and take us into a decisive game five.

The final game of the Grand Finals of The International 2018 would be the decisive one and we would crown a new TI champion. LGD came in looking extremely strong with fy getting the Earthshaker and farming a 12-minute Blink + Arcane Boots. But even with their advantage, LGD slipped up when they tried to claim an Aegis and were completely wiped by OG – who also claimed the Aegis and turned the game around.

OG used this advantage and took complete control of the game and things were looking completely over for LGD with 2 sets of barracks down.

There was no hope for PSG.LGD after this point and OG made sure they marched forward emphatically and took the game – OG ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE INTERNATIONAL 2018.

The team that came through an insanely difficult year, losing players and pulling themselves through the Open Qualifiers, OG have done it. Congratulations to the team on their amazing showcase of Dota 2 prowess throughout The International and especially in the Grand Finals!

The International 2018 Standings and Prize Pool Rewards

First Place – OG –  $11,208,905
Second Place – PSG.LGD – $4,075,965
Third Place – Evil Geniuses – $2,674,852
Fourth Place – Team Liquid – $ 1,783,235
Fifth/Sixth Place – Secret – $1,146,365
Seventh/Eighth Place – OpTic Gaming/VGJ.Storm – $636,870
Ninth-Twelfth Place – Team Serenity/Mineski/Winstrike/Vici Gaming – $381,122
Thirteenth-Sixteenth Place – Fnatic/TNC/Newbee/VGJ.Thunder – $127,374
Seventeenth/Eighteenth Place – Invictus Gaming/paiN Gaming – $63,687

That wraps up another amazing year at The International; with Aegis steals, fantastic team plays, new champions, tears, blood, sweat, new hero announcements and an absolutely magnificent few weeks of Dota 2 plus we already have the hype starting up for next year’s event – which was announced to be held in Shanghai, China. The teams will possibly have a small holiday now, some may jump right back into the Dota 2 action and we’ll possibly hear some news about lineup changes coming soon.

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