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TNC have been in good form since they formed the new roster and the series against Vici Gaming was never expected to go at 0-2. There were plenty of issues that caused TNC to lose this series, read the article for further details.

Game 1: Picks and Bans

Vici Gaming allowed TNC to pick the famous Earthshaker and Morphling duo whereas they picked this tournament’s most successful hero, Faceless Void for themselves. Night Stalker and Naga are great counters to Faceless Void but they were smartly banned. TNC also banned important counters but didn’t expect a Huskar pick. Even if they had banned Huskar, Vici still had Viper, a good lane counter to Templar Assassin.

Vici Gaming had 55% Draft Advantage

Even though Vici Gaming countered the two major core heroes of TNC, it wasn’t a major out draft. Vici Gaming won this game due to an impressive laning stage. They set an aggressive tri-lane against Morphling and didn’t give him the room to farm. On the mid lane, Huskar dominated Templar Assassin. On the offlane, Faceless Void faced Abaddon 1v1, they both traded farm but Abaddon had to rotate to other lanes to help them so he couldn’t secure a good farm for himself. Hence all the three lanes were lost and Vici Gaming didn’t make any major mistakes to allow a comeback.

Game 2: Picks and Bans

TNC decided to go for a Drow Ranger and range heroes synergy strategy whereas Vici Gaming again picked Faceless Void, the most successful hero of this tournament. The weirdest choice for TNC was Venomancer. In a Drow Ranger squishy line-up you need a durable hero like Tidehunter or Centaur Warrunner. Even Enchantress would have sustained a little bit against Faceless Void or would have just dashed out some incredible right click damage. Venomancer is neither a right click hero nor a durable hero.

Draft Advantage at 70% for Vici Gaming

Draft Advantage in detail

Even though TNC had a huge draft disadvantage, they played as well as they could. They gained a good mid-game lead but then things started to fall out. Templar Assassin got caught a couple of times while trying to hide and solo kill an enemy hero. After a winning a team fight, TNC were not able to push for high ground. Drow managed to split push for a couple of minutes and destroyed top barracks but they couldn’t even split push later.

The moment in which TNC could have done more:

After that team fight victory , TNC could have kept on pushing for high ground and forced more buybacks. Faceless Void didn’t have Chronosphere and the Roshan was not alive yet. So even if TNC had traded a few kills, Vici Gaming would not have got any huge advantage. And if TNC had won that team fight then the game would have been over.

The game started falling apart for TNC when they couldn’t fight against Faceless Void. Even without the Chronosphere he was able to deal a lot of damage and with the help of his allies he didn’t take much damage. TNC lost the control over the game when Lina stole Aghanim’s blessing, cheese and refresher shard from them. In the next couple of team-fights TNC tried their best but Omniknight protected all his teammates from most of the damage and TNC just couldn’t kill anyone.

TNC fought well in spite of such a huge out-draft and they will definitely learn from this mistake. If they face Vici Gaming again, they will be able to win against them.

A tip for young players:

When your core heroes have low cool-down abilities and you fight against Faceless Void, always keep up the pressure and keep on pushing for objectives to end the game quickly. In this game Drow Ranger and Templar Assassin had excellent farm and low cool-down abilities which would have helped them. Faceless Void is the worst hero to play against in the late game so always aim for a quick end.

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