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Photo by Weibo

Team Aster was a team a lot of the community expected to do well this season, but that has been far from the case. The team started off decently but got derailed on multiple occasions. What followed was a series of roster changes and the most recent ones come to positions 1 and 2 of the team. In a statement on Weibo, Team Aster revealed the two new players.

Position 1 Wenjun “J” Wang (former carry for VG.P)

Position 2 Jiquan “ChYuaN” Huang (SEA pubstar, currently rank 1 in SEA server)

It is always a gamble to take up a pubstar, but it has worked before for teams and it just might be the thing Team Aster needsThe team played with this roster recently in the Betway Asia League and lost 2-0 to Invictus Gaming. But it seems like they found a rhythm playing together because they have decided to give the roster a try.

With this, their entire roster looks something like this:

Postion 1: J
Postion 2: ChYuaN
Postion 3: Xxs
Postion 4: BoBoKa
Postion 5: Q

Coach: Mikasa

Team Aster couldn’t qualify for the either of the upcoming Major or Minor. Their best bet will be to practice till the qualifiers of the final Major and make sure they put up a show and get a place there!

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