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Elephant.4AM made a weird and controversial entry onto the Dota 2 field. After keeping the headlines for weeks, given their rumoured star-studded line-up, the day of the official reveal of the roster brought a rather big surprise.

Instead of Vici Gaming’s Zhang “Eurus/Paparazi灬” Chengjun, who was supposedly set to join the new China dream team, Elephant.4AM announced Liu “Sylar” Jiajun to have been selected for the carry position.

According to multiple sources close to both Vici Gaming and 4AM, Eurus’ signing was a solid deal until about one hour before the roster announcement. Our sources confirmed that the announcement was delayed to the very end because of contractual issues that were still being discussed by the two organizations.

Upon the roster reveal reports from the Chinese competitive scene cited that the other four players weren’t even aware of the last minute change of plan and didn’t know they will be joined by Sylar instead of Eurus. Less than 24 hours after the roster announcement, Elephant.4AM deleted their post on Weibo and while they went radio silence, Sylar himself broke the news that he’d been kicked from the team.

Sylar messaged Xie “DD” Bin yesterday while he was live on the China Dota 2 Pro Cup panel saying the following: “I’m gone.” The message was read live on the official Chinese stream and the panel continued to discuss the strange news, DD asking: ” What are 4AM doing? Fooling with people?” while his co-casters goto the conclusion that he needs to take Sylar out and comfort him with a hot pot meal.

As of yet, neither Elephant.4AM nor Vici Gaming made an official comment on the situation. However, rumour has it that Maybe, Fy, RedPanda and Yang agreed to lower their monthly salary and chip in for Eurus’ buyout from Vici Gaming, which reportedly is around $260,000.

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