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Dota2 has never had a coherent system of ranking individual play. There are many reasons for that as the game is strategically incredibly complex with varying metas, heroes, and teams. No two players play exactly alike and it is often the case that you get two players that are technically the same position player, but play completely different roles within the game. The best example of this at the Chongqing Major was s4 and zai. While s4 had a far worse tournament than zai, part of it was because his role within the team is to create space for Sumail and Arteezy. In contrast to that, zai was generally given good matchups so that he could dominate the lane.


Beyond player differentiation, there is also draft and team context. The better the team is, the better every player on the team looks as everyone understands their role within the strategy and draft. Then you also have to consider the meta that is being played as there are some metas that favor one particular type of player over another. One that favors win lane, win game leads to Virtus.Pro smashing everyone. Another that favors the late game and comeback potential leads to Ana becoming the best player in the world.


With all of these factors coming into play, it’s difficult to discern and rank the individual players and their performance at any particular tournament or event. But I think it’s something worth doing as I want to acknowledge greatness when I see it. Thus I’ve decided to make a list of the top 5 players from the Chongqing Major. The criteria I used included overall consistency, role within the team, peak performance, and how impactful they were in their respective team’s runs. One additional thing to note was that I weighted more heavily towards series that happened later in the tournament as performing under pressure is harder in finals or semifinals compared to doing so in the group stages.


5 – Nisha


The fifth pick was the hardest to contest as there were multiple players that could have gotten this award. The reason I picked Nisha was because I think the carry position turned out to be incredibly impactful at this tournament, whether that was playing on a late-game hard carry or playing a fast pushing juggernaut. The reason I picked him was because he consistently performed well on any hero he was drafted and was often one of the the win conditions for Secret.


4 – fy


Fy was in my estimation the best 4 player in this tournament. He consistently dominated ganking and team fights. He is still the best support player in the world and likely the best in Dota2 history. If we were just ranking best players overall and not the best at Chongqing Major, I’d say he’d be even higher up. As is though, it was hard to justify placing him any further as his team dropped out in fourth place.


3 – Arteezy


Arteezy made it third on my list. Beyond fulfilling all of the memes, in actuality I was incredibly impressed by his loser bracket run. While the first half of the tournament started off shaky, he really amped up his level of play once he started to play the Chinese teams. EG’s late-scaling strategy only worked because Arteezy delivered game after game, up until the lower bracket finals where he got cliffed by Zai.


2 – No[o]ne


The best mid laner in the world and the best mid laner in the tournament. No[o]ne was my pick for best player of the DPC 2017-2018 Circuit and he is still my pick for best player in the world. He consistently delivers high level performances regardless of what hero he is playing on and always impacts the game. If Zai didn’t play out of his mind, I’d have likely awarded the #1 spot to No[o]ne.


1 – Zai


Zai at the Chongqing Major was a callback to Zai 2015. Zai was the best offlaner in this tournament as he often smashed lane. He was incredibly versatile and effective on every hero Secret put him on including: Dark Seer, Tide, Centaur, Puck, Timbersaw, and others. Overall, he had the most impact in critical high pressure team fights in the loser’s bracket finals and the grand finals. Overall, no one had the level of consistency and impact that Zai did this tournament, which is why he’s my pick for number one and the my pick for MVP of the Chongqing Major.

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