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EPICENTER kicked off today with Group A and B going through their series and trying to avoid the lower bracket of the event. For Group A, there was one fairly obvious result and one upset early on which lead to an interesting series for the first spot in the upper bracket of the playoffs.

Team Secret may have had a few troubles against paiN Gaming in the opening game of their series, but the dominators of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit season still managed to show exactly why they’re the best as they cleaned up in a 2-0 sweep. On the other side of the group, Fnatic should have had an easy time against Royal Never Give Up and after a brilliant first game, it seemed likely. However, the Southeast Asians seemed to fall back into their previous Major cycle and ended up getting upset by the Chinese squad 2-1. This set up Secret to face RNG in a fight for the first spot in the upper bracket at the EPICENTER.

The series between Secret and RNG should have been a very one-sided matchup, but the Chinese squad definitely gave Secret a decent scare early in the event. The first game was a walk in the park for Secret as they pushed through to the win in under half an hour but it was game two where RNG actually showed up to the series. It was some of the best defense seen in quite some time as Du ‘Monet’ Peng’s Lifestealer pulled off an almost-game saving moment which earned him a rampage.

But even with this magnificent play, RNG could not actually take full control of the game and ended up losing 2-0.

The victory sees Team Secret claim the first upper bracket playoff spot at EPICENTER while RNG will play in the final series of Group A later today where a win could see them join Secret.

photo by EPICENTER

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