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Monday, April 22 marks the opening of the OGA Dota PIT Minor in a format meant to showcase each of the eight participating teams in as many games as possible and the tournament started with the four teams seeded in Group A.  

OGA Dota PIT groups:

Group A:

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Gambit Esports

Group B

  • Alliance
  • Forward Gaming
  • Majestic Esports

Group stage matches will run for full three days in a Round Robin, best of three format, leading into a playoffs double elimination bracket where everyone starts in the upper bracket, but if they lose there, they will have to deal with a best-of-ones for the entire lower bracket. It’s not exactly the most common format we see at DPC events, but with this Minor being held in the arena from day one of the group stage, the live audience is in for a treat.

The Minor in Split, Croatia made its debut with two surprising results as the group favorites got bested in their opening matches. Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Royal Never Give Up was the first series of the day and it brought an entertaining series.

NiP’s game one was planned around a Drow Ranger strat with Outworld Devourer mid lane, while RNG were looking to split push the map and drag the game to late stages where their core Naga Siren shined. In order to achieve their goal, the Chinese team prioritized Black King bar on four of their heroes and managed to take a 17K gold advantage, but they all got out played by an outstanding Lion played by Martin “Saksa” Sazdov. NiP were able to outmaneuver RNG to take the lead in the bo3 series, but they got dominated in the next two games to exit the stage defeated.

Next series on the schedule was between Gambit and BOOM ID and everyone was looking for a fast sweep from the much more experienced CIS squad. However, the SEA representative took them by surprise with extremely good lane controllers that had also efficient sieging tools to take the victory in game one. The series went 1-1 with a flawless Lifestealer performance and an annoying and hard to deal with Keeper of the Light from Gambit. Game three went down in just 28 minutes, time in which Gambit were able to land just five kills as they got rushed by a Ursa-Omniknight-Outworld Devourer core trio.

Day one will continue with two series from group B, Alliance versus EHOME and Forward Gaming vs Majestic Esports.

headline picture courtesy of Dota PIT

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