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ESL One Los Angeles Online’s Group B action had reached its penultimate day of action as teams would be battling to remain in the top four or risk dropping into the bottom four and face elimination tomorrow.

Opening the day would be Team Unique, formerly known as Gentlemen, battling against Chicken Fighters – with a victory required to avoid being left in the lower end of Group B. Unfortunately, even though it was a thrilling three game series, Unique did not come out on top and as such, would join Team Liquid in being eliminated from ESL One Los Angeles Online. However, even though the teams will be eliminated from the event, they will still play in series today and tomorrow.

Team Spirit and Natus Vincere would be the next two teams to battle and as both had seen decent results so far in the event, the series would be perfect to push one team into the elimination zone. Going into the first game, it was Spirit who took complete control and walked all over Na’Vi – leaving them unable to ever fight and before half an hour had even passed, things were over as the GG call came out. While the next game in the series did seem to feel a bit better for Na’Vi – with a chance to maybe tie things up and make a comeback, Spirit were never going to allow it.

 The team ran at the Na’Vi lineup, never allowing the Medusa a chance to get to a “raidboss” level and once again, force out the GG call – securing a 2-0 win and a spot in the playoffs too. For Na’Vi, they will be exiting the tournament, along with Liquid and Unique, after their final series in Group B tomorrow.

ESL One Los Angeles Online’s Group B action continues as the seeding of the top 4 and possibly one more elimination could be seen by the end of today with Team Secret, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Alliance and Team Liquid still to play.

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