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As we move closer to the next Dota 2 Pro Circuit Major and Minor qualifier, a few new teams have begun to pop up, including a new squad from Chai ‘Mushi’ Yee Fung.

Confirmed earlier today when the team was registered on the Dota 2 Major and Minor registration page, Team IO features some rather well-known players from the Southeast Asian region who will be joining forces to battle in the upcoming ESL One Los Angeles Major qualifiers. The full Team IO roster is:

  • Ryan Jay ‘Raging Potato’ Qui
  • Chai ‘Mushi’ Lee fung
  • Khoo ‘Ohaiyo’ Chong Xin
  • Kalvin Kang ‘Meracle’ Jian Wen
  • Benhur ‘Nayeon’ Lawis

Raging Potato last played for Brothers United last year alongside both Mushi and Ohaiyo, during both the Yabo Supreme Cup and the DreamLeague Season 13 SEA qualifiers. However, the three did not register the best results and since then, not much has been seen of them. They are joined now by Meracle, another fairly well-known player in the SEA region, as well as a player that not much is known about – Nayeon.

It is unclear how this squad will perform at the upcoming qualifiers due to the strength we’ve seen coming out the SEA region in recent months. However, it will be interesting to see if they can cause some upsets and maybe make it into the next Major or Minor.

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