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Having reached its final day, the DOTA Summit 11 Minor would find its champion as either Invictus Gaming or Chaos Esports Club would fight in the grand finals with the victor obtaining a spot at the upcoming Chengdu Major.

After taking a decisive 2-0 in the lower bracket finals over HellRaisers, Chaos booked their spot in the grand finals of the first Minor of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit season. Unfortunately, their opponents would be the team that had only dropped a total of two games since the beginning of group stages, including a 2-0 over Chaos in the upper bracket finals – Invictus Gaming. Right from the start of the series, it was the Chinese squad that got out ahead, constantly running at their opponent and playing aggressively to keep Chaos at bay. Even though iG had not had any showings in the DPC throughout the previous season, after only two games, they seemed set to make their way from the Minor into the Major on their home soil.

Game three did not change anything as the iG squad, on series point, applied the exact same meticulous Dota 2 that they had continuously used against Chaos. iG gave their opponents absolutely no room; destroying the supports and pummeling the carries into the ground. It was barely 15 minutes passed when iG had a 6k lead and it seemed all-but-over. While Chaos managed to make a small comeback in the mid-game period, the advantage which the Chinese squad had was too much for them to come back from and iG took a 3-0 win.

With only the two game loses, oddly both being to CIS teams, Invictus Gaming managed to remain unbeaten in a full series and book their spot at the MDL Chengdu Major. Unfortunately for Chaos, they won’t be able to reach the pinnacle of the Minor and would have to settle for second place. We are only six days away from the first Major of the season and with all 16 teams now set, we get ready for the short road to China next week.

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