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photo by: Igor Bezborodov – StarLadder

Second part of the elimination day in the Cybersport Arena at the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor began with quite the upset.

Many were waiting for OG to get to play against Gambit Esports on the Minor stage, however this is not an option anymore as Ivan “VANSKOR” Skorokhod’s new stack, Old but Gold (OBG) took down the TI8 Champions in a rather emotional series.

OBG’s Minor adventure started with a lot of troubles at the borders. The five Russian players had to spend about 12 hours in the airports before getting allowed to cross the Ukrainian border and once they made it to the event, they were already exhausted. Their day one in the tournament was played on a mix of adrenaline and tiredness, but even so, OBG managed to defeat OG and take a game from Flying Penguins to secure themselves a top six finish. After a day off, the team returned to the arena to fight for survival and ironically, their opponents were OG once again.

OG have a CIS problem

Game one was a Sergey “G” Bragin Shadow Fiend show. By the 14 minute mark he had already completed Guardian Greaves and was pushing OG around the map. The huge advantage secured by him in the mid-lane helped OBG to snowball and start the series with one game advantage. Game two was action packed as OG reverted to some of their comfort picks and had Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka claiming the first blood on his signature Earth Spirit. For the first 10 minutes of the game, the two teams traded more than one one kill per minute to go four minutes later on trading tier three towers. While OG were pushing as five through the top lane and managed to take just the melee barracks down, OBG were faster in their push and took both barracks bottom lane. However, OG’s line-up was superior in team fight and stopped OBG’s frenzy. Headed into the decisive game three, OG got outmaneuvered by the CIS team with a simple minus armor strategy. OBG saved their last pick for Ilya “Illidan” Pivcaev who got to play Phantom Assassin. OBG’s lineup also featured  Shadow Fiend and Slardar which allowed them to cut through the Aegis holders to live and see another day at the Minor.

The day continued in a glorious manner for the CIS Dota. Gambit Esports knocked down Demolition Boys with a convincing 2-0 victory to join Old But Gold in the top four at the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor. Sunday, March 10 is the final day in the event. One team will be crowned champion and will be given the final qualifier slot to the upcoming DreamLeague Season 11, the Stockholm Major. Two CIS teams, one Chinese and one NA team are on the hunt for that final Major ticket.

SLI Minor finals day schedule:

11:00 CET: Flying Penguins vs Gambit Esports (semi-finals)
14:30 CET: Vici Gaming vs Old but Gold (semi-finals)
19:00 CET – TBD vs TB ( bo5 finals)

SLI Minor standings and prize pool distribution:

1st place: $125,000 + Stockholm Major slot – TBD
2nd place: $70,000 – TBD
3rd/4th place: $30,000 – TBD
5th/6th place: $15,00 – OG, Demolition Boys
7th/8th place: $7,500 – Royal Never Give Up, BOOM ID

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