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For a tournament to distinguish itself and stay memorable into the fans mind for the good reasons, it has to have a lot of pieces clicking together.

Besides top tier teams competing, tournaments that make a mark are those that deliver high-quality production, little to no technical issues, no delays, have a packed venue, and the list can continue. ESL is one of the few tournament organizers who delivers unforgettable events.  It isn’t far-fetched at all to call the ESL LANs true festivals. For those attending in person an ESL or ESL One event, the organizer has a lot of onsite activities to keep everyone busy and entertained at all times.

Those watching from home are often left with the desire to attend live the next one. After the recently concluded ESL One Birmingham Dota 2 tournament, there wasn’t a single player, team manager or member of the live broadcast who wouldn’t hope that the TO will receive a Major in the next Dota Pro Circuit season. The positive feedback was overwhelming, and it came not only from the people working in the industry but also from the Dota 2 fans.

It’s an interesting twist for the huge company who last year was making the headlines for their exclusive broadcast rights given to a social media platform that wasn’t best suited for live streaming. The fans were not happy, the community as a whole was sceptic about ESL One’s decision, the teams and their sponsors were raising the eyebrow at the little exposure they got playing in those tournaments. However, that exclusive deal is over and ESL One seems to be loved by the gaming communities more than ever.

One of ESL’s latest idea was to co-found a music label company to produce exclusive soundtrack for the ESL and ESL One tournaments. It’s a brilliant idea to be honest, because having someone to dedicate its full attention and inspiration to a tournament, it can create true hits that get stitched to the fans memories for a long time and will always make each tournament distinguish even more.

Enter Records was co-founded by ESL in 2018 and it already worked for two tournaments, the IEM Katowice 2019, CS:GO Major and the recently concluded ESL One Birmingham Dota 2 Championship.  They have 26 songs released from these two events alone and one of their tracks from IEM is already a staple for that event.

With the conclusion of the Birmingham Dota 2 event, the six members of Enter Records did an Ask Me Anything session on Dota 2 subreddit to get feedback straight from the fans and for everyone to get to know the people behind the ESL music.

From their Reddit AMA, the six minds behind Enter Records are:


“The Enter boss. He initiated this thing last year. He’s been working for Universal Music since a couple of years and is a former WoW pro!”


“He was one of the first artists to ever release a song on Enter Records. Also he’s a beast at Rocket League.”

LEVIANTH (Nikolas)

“The legend. Made a song become a meme. Also, one of the first 3 artists to release a track on Enter.”


Loves to dig into great ideas and bring them alive. Spent half his life in tour busses of bands. Could scroll through Meme’s until infinity.”


He’s the backbone to all boring backoffice related stuff at Enter and gets people to get their sh*t done (sometimes).”


Our young-gun. He’s our talent scout when it comes to EDM, Trap and electronic music in general. And he knows all the memes.”

From the AMA sessions itself:

Q: What genres are your favorite at the moment?

Jannis: At the moment we’re kind-of heavy on electronic music (trap, EDM, electro) but will expand more into Rap and Rock. We’d like to discover all kinds of genres and see what works best for the community and the big stages.

Q: Favorite game at the moment?

Jannis: AOE II

Karl: Rocket League

Gustav: Dota2

Tijn: Rocket League

Jake: Fortnite (lul)

Q: Are your planning to stay within the gaming community or to reach out other markets?

Gustav: We are all born in the gaming community and we have no plans to leave or expand to other communities at the moment – We feel at home here 🙂

Q: Do you think the videogame industry uses music to make people more addicted to videogames? It is engineered in such a way or are you actually good musicians just making something targeted to that kind of audience? When I listen to your music how can I know it is actually catered to my tastes or is just many sounds matched together to fit an agenda?

Karl: Music is always a very hard topic, as everyone has his own taste in music and what works for one guy doesn’t work for others.

But music can be an emotional driver to get great feelings that support the experience of the happening, this is where we’re aiming to. Remember the fantastic THPS2 soundtrack that brought up the whole (pop-)punk genre to a new level and fitted the game so well (and basically pushed talented friends from the Tony Hawk surrounding), just like so many track in other Games like Fifa, several Need for Speed games or even Flatout.

Our goal is, to bring music into this and support the creation of the soundtrack. If we can support fantastic artists like FatRat – that’s the Holy Grail, then! That’s why we love the feedback & your input in general.

Enter Records publish all their tracks on Google Play and Apple Music as well and you can find the entire Birmingham playlist at

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