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Sylar’s Terrorblade and Troll Warlord brought three consecutive victories for EHOME in the first week of the $70,000 DPL – CDA Professional League.

Last month EHOME placed fourth in the inaugural season of Chinese DOTA2 Professional Association (CDA) League. For the new season, the tournament organized by eight of the top Chinese teams merged with Mars Media’s DPL league and kicked off the main stage on the 27th of April with 10 teams fighting for supremacy in the Chinese region. EHOME are the ones with an explosive start, ending week one with 6-2 overall game score, 3-0 series score. They opened their run in the event with a clean 2-0 over Royal Never Give Up, after a quick game one win on the back of strong team fight tools and strong right click damage on buildings provided by Troll Warlord and Beastamster. In game two EHOME were fighting from behind for most of the time, RNG getting a 10K lead around the 30 minute mark. However, it was once again the four protect one strategy around Liu “Sylar” Jiajun that allowed EHOME to take over the game with a six slotted Terrorblade and a Divine Rapier on Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang’s Mars.

EHOME’s next series was against PSG.LGD, who managed to take down Vici Gaming 2-0 on the first day of the competition. Their early success was stopped by EHOME, who took the series with a 2-1 reverse sweep. PSG.LGD opened the battle on a very aggressive stance, with a carry Ember Spirit and a mid Monkey King, and obliterated EHOME’s carry Dragon Knight and mid Morphling to end the game 22 to 1 on the kill score. However, they got a taste of their own medicine in the next two games as EHOME hit back hard with Sylar’s Troll in game two and with a Riki – Grimstroke combo in game three. It is worth mentioning that EHOME have also resurrected Visage with their third game against PSG.LGD and played in in the offlane, with the same old item build Helm of the Dominator-Force Staff and an early Mekansm.

Third and last series of the week for EHOME pitted them versus Invictus Gaming and once again they played around Sylar’s Troll and Terror to end Week 1 at the top of the group.

 DPL – CDA Professional League Week 1 standings:

EHOME: 3-0   
PSG.LGD: 2-1 
Invictus Gaming: 2-1  
Vici Gaming: 2-1           
CDEC Gaming: 1-2       
Team Aster: 0-1
Keen Gaming: 0-1
Newbee: 0-1 
Royal Never Give Up: 0-2         
Sparking Arrow Gaming: 0-0

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