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We caught with Vici Gaming’s support Ding “Dy” Cong in Chengdu at the first Major of the new season. His team is set to play for a spot into the grand finals against TNC Predator later today, so we were curious about his thoughts on the matchup, what goals has VG set for this tournament and what are his takes on the current meta. 

The interview was conducted by Yuhui Zhu on the media day at MDL Chengdu Major


Congrats on securing top three here in Chengdu. Would you say that the ESL One Hamburg experience where you finished top 6 has influenced how you prepared for this Major?

Not really. ESL One Hamburg was like a vacation for us, we went in with the mentality of experimenting things. But for this Major, we have been making a lot of preparations, so it’s totally different for us this time.

 Then, what kind of target did you guys set for yourselves at this Major?

We’ve thought about all the possible outcomes. Last year we were known for underperforming after we dropped into the lower bracket. This year, rOtk has given us an order: even if we drop to the lower bracket, we still need to fight back.

You’ve gone through a small change in the post TI9 shuffle, how is the team coming together now, how is Xiong “Pyw”‘ Jiahan adapting to the team and the team to him?

He adapts to the team well. I think he’s also proved himself at this Major with his performance.

Who came up with the idea of recruiting him?

At that time, we were looking for a position 4 and I recommended him. I’ve played with him in Chongqing for a while before, and he also attended a TI with Team Serenity. We decided that he would be a good fit for our team, so we decided to ask him to try.

Who is the team captain now?

Yang, basically.

Let’s talk a bit about that game 2 versus Evil Geniuses in the semifinals. Some consider the buyback decision and the fight in the Roshan pit where you died back more of a throw by your side than a victory for EG. Is it like that or it was clear for you guys that you can’t let them take the Aegis and fight into possible 2 Chronos from Void?

When we died, on their high ground, the team immediately came to the conclusion that we couldn’t let them have the Aegis. However, there were different voices inside the team on how we should have played it: Should we all buyback instantly? Or should just two of us buy back first and bait them into our shrine, and then the rest of us buyback to join the team fight? And we chose the latter, so that’s what happened.

Saturday you will be playing in the upper bracket finals versus TNC, which looks to be the team to beat at this Major. Are you feeling prepared for them?

We’ve had scrims with them before. They are a strong team, indeed, but I still think that we are their match.

What do you consider more dangerous about them, the Chen-Alchemist combo that they executed pretty well so far, or the Morphling-Earthshaker combo?

So far, there have been several deadly combos played by different teams. Morphling-Earthshaker, Chen-Alchemist, Naga-Disruptor, KotL-Night Stalker.  I think they are all very dangerous combos.

What’s your take on Morphling, should it be entirely reworked in the new patch or just nerfed a bit?

I don’t think a straight-up nerf would be a good idea. You can either buff his counters or you find a way to nerf his synergy with Earthshaker. As a hero, he has been nerfed many times, so I’m not sure whether there is room for another nerf. As for separate HP bars when he morphs, Morphling is a really player-dependent hero, you need to calculate your HP, you need to know when and what ability to cast. I think there’s no need for this to be nerfed.

Any suggestions for Chen, should he be allowed to actually stack the creep auras?

I think maybe he shouldn’t be able to stack them. Chen can convert big creeps in the early game and then small creeps in the late game for all the auras. Basically he is strong in all stages and has no downtime.

The new patch should drop right after this Major, and it will bring two new heroes, what do you expect them to be, a support or a core Void Spirit?

We already have three spirits, and two of them are core heroes, so I think this one will be a support, to make the number balanced.

How about Snapfire?

She doesn’t look like a support judging from her appearance, and her abilities look really cool.

Thanks a lot for your time, good luck in your next matches here at the Major, and if you have something to add for the VG fans please do.

Thank you all who’ve been supporting us, we will try our best to win the championship title here in Chengdu.


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