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Only three weeks after valve filed an application for a new trademark title and only mere weeks after the company officially announced their intention of releasing their standalone version of Dota Auto Chess, a Reddit user has already leaked about 10 minutes of footage of a mobile beta version for Dota Underlords.

“Welcome to the Beta Season of Dota Underlords. With every new season, the selection of Underlords, heroes, synergies and items will change,” can be read after the loading screen of Dota Underlords. The footage only contains a part of the tutorial, but it discloses several features. For starters, the game lost the Chessboard and the pieces are now called heroes, just like in Dota 2. The heroes are split into five tiers and each tier pool has 12 to 15 heroes. In the leaked tutorial it can be seen that Valve have already added heroes that have never been implemented in Drodo’s Arcade mode.

For instance, Underlords feature Warlock in the Tier 1 hero list, Pudge in the Tier 2 list and Arc Warden in the Tier 3 pool. There are a lot of items that haven’t made their way in the Dota Auto Chess as well. The video shows a long list of items, and one of the most interesting one is called Recruiter and the description for it reads “the first reroll each round is free.”

According to the person who made the video, there are about 15 synergies in the game so far, and most of them keep the same names and the same bonuses from Dota Auto Chess. One of the difference that can be seen in the video is that the Gyrocopter and Sniper synergy is actually called Deadeye and the perk of it is that the hero will focus the enemy unit with the lowest health points.

There is no other leaked info about Valve’s Dota Underlords as of yet, but the video with the first images from a mobile version can be watched HERE.

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