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Croatian esports organization CR4ZY terminated the contracts with all their teams and players and will move forward “focusing on smaller esports projects and products.”

CR4ZY held rosters in Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, VALORANT and Rainbow Six and although the teams “teams did their best to meet the expectations”, the uncertain future of the competitive scene forces the organization to take radical actions in order to “survive another year,” announced  Antonio Meić, CR4ZY CEO.

With the COVID-19 forcing the whole world to adapt and adjust to new measures, the esports industry also suffered. The lack of LAN tournaments, or at least a seasonal plan, took a toll on the organization, who explains that the shift to online competition has also forced some of the players to play at a disadvantage.

“While trying to manage this situation to the best of our abilities, we weren’t willing to risk our players’ well being and them possibly getting stuck in a foreign country indefinitely in the case of a lockdown. Tournaments we were hoping to attend switched to online, and most of them changed their format to regional which forced some of our players to play with severe disadvantages such as high ping and time difference. Despite the obstacles, we managed to pull through, and our teams improved considerably while waiting for big announcements such as the future of The International 10 and other esports competition. Unfortunately, those things didn’t happen and we were put in a position where we had to make some tough decisions”, stated Antonio Meić in the official announcement.

Since March, when the world wide lockdowns changed the way the competitive scene functioned, the CR4ZY Dota 2 team consisting of two European and three Canadian players pushed hard through online competitions hosted on NA servers and managed to reach three grand finals and take a couple of fourth places. The entire roster is now free of contract and able to join any other team or stack without a transaction fee, CR4ZY CEO mentioned.

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