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PSG.LGD’s offlaner Yang “Chalice” Shenyi gave a short interview for the Chinese community where he talked about his team’s goal moving forward, about their performance at the Stockholm Major and the differences in team play while having Guo “Xm” Hongcheng standing in for them. The English translation is provided by Yuhui Zhu.


Congratulations on securing the spot for the Paris Major. Is the team currently on a break?

Yes, we have a break after the Major qualifiers, I’m planning on using this time to practice more heroes.

Do you play auto-chess? What’s your rank?

Yeah from time to time, I’m currently at Pawn-9.

Any new anime you would recommend us to watch for April?

ULTRAMAN is pretty good

Let’s talk about the tournament, PSG.LGD finished 6th at the Stockholm Major, how do you feel about the result and what do you think was the reason behind it?

We finished 6th because we didn’t play well, especially me. I wasn’t in a good shape.

Xm stood in for Maybe in both qualifiers and the main event. How would rate his performance?

Xm is really skilled among other rookies. Also, he’s an all-rounder.

Comparing to playing with Maybe, did PSG.LGD have a different playstyle with xm?

When we play with Maybe, we simply use our normal strategies, while we would play more 4 protect 1 lineups with xm.

In the game 2 against at the Stockholm Major, it looked like you (Vengeful Spirit) had some communication problems with fy (Enigma). What was reason behind that play?

Fy was shouting “swap me!” but I didn’t want to get him killed, then he got stunned as well so I eventually swapped him and we both died.

Maybe and Inflame streamed the Stockholm Major and they were talking about the best position 1 and position 4 in the world. Who do you think are the best position 1-5?

My teammates are surely the best position 1,2,4 and 5. As for the best position 3, I’d give my vote to Yang.

Maybe and Inflame’s stream were really popular among the Chinese audience, did you watch a VoD of their streams? How would you comment on their casting style?


VG are looking really scary recently, what do you think makes them so strong? How was it like to play against them in tournaments and scrims?

VG were already in Europe before the Major began, so we didn’t get to scrim with them. To be honest, VG have always been really strong, they just didn’t play up to their potential in previous tournaments.

With 3 Majors being already played this season, LGD had one top 4 finish and two top 6 finishes. Not that it’s a bad result, but people would certainly expect more after seeing your performance in the last DPC season. What do you think is the reason behind this result?

I think it’s a form issue. We are still adjusting our form.

Coming next, you will be participating the MDL Disneyland® Paris Major in France along with OG. Are you eager to play against them again?

I don’t have any special feelings, we are going to play against them with a normal mindset.

What’s your goal for the Paris Major?

Our goal is still the 1st place.

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