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From match-fixing, stream-sniping, and hackers, the esports world has seen it all and today, news of a scam tournament with fake teams has been discovered as an event named, “BAZOOKA BATTLE” features Southeast Asian and Chinese teams.

image: egamersworld

Scams are often an easy way for many to take advantage of the unsuspecting around the world – and when it comes to esports, they can make a lot of money, especially when we’re stuck in the midst of a global pandemic. According to a post made by Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen via his Twitter account, the tournament named, “BAZOOKA BATTLE”, which features teams such as Neon Esports, Team Blaze, Team Ocean, Cignal Ultra and even the recently ceased Adroit Esports, is actually a scam.

In his post, Noxville highlights the fact that Adroit have ceased all operations, but that they are seemingly participating in this event – while betting is being offered for these “fake” games too. Alongside this, both Ocean and Blaze were merged into a single roster earlier this year, confirming the invalid nature of this tournament. To further prove that the event is indeed fake, Neon Esports would post a Tweet just a short time ago, confirming that the players and team with their name in the BAZOOKA BATTLE event are indeed imposters – adding that they will be investigating the matter, calling the organisers “greedy and selfish” while pointing out the theft of intellectual property from multiple teams.

Although no other teams have come out to verify that they are not taking part in this event, it should be quite clear from the few examples given above that it is indeed a scam tournament. It will be interesting to see what could come out of this scam and if more teams take action like Neon have. It is unlikely that we will see Valve intervene in this situation, but we can only hope that a scam tournament like this is swiftly dealt with and never shows up again.

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