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Mark Anthony “Jacko” Soriano is looking for a new beginning in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and says he looked toward Johan “N0tail” Sundstein for inspiration on making the big decision. It was revealed not long ago that Jacko would be making the swap to Mobile Legends from Dota 2 due to a lifetime ban he received in 2016.

This ban came following an internal investigation by his own organization, Mineski, which found Jacko and seven other players guilty of match fixing. At the time of the match fixing Jacko was only 16-years-old and viewed by many as a major up-and-comer with a bright future to come in the popular title.

With nowhere to go in Dota 2 because of his ban, Jacko turned to a new opportunity. Amihan E-sports revealed that they had signed Jacko to their Mobile Legends lineup in late January where he’d attempt to regain his former glory as a moba prodigy.

In a recent interview with the Manila Bulletin, Jacko said “When something goes wrong, what’s the best course of action? To change your direction.”

He went on to say that The International Champion N0tail was a shining example of what he was hoping to do – reinvent his legacy in a new game.

“Si N0tail dating pro HoN player (na) nag-switch sa Dota 2. At siya ngayon ang pinaka-successful na Dota 2 player (N0tail was a former pro HoN player who switched to Dota 2 and now he’s the most successful player in the game),” he explained in the interview.

Whether or not he will reach the same heights as N0tail is unknown, but regardless of that he has chosen a path of redemption he was unable to pursue in Dota 2 and will be watched closely as he walks it.

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