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Another win secured by Fnatic in week four of Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Regional Leagues puts the Southeast Asia favorites for a spot into the Major playoffs one step closer to achieving just that.

Fnatic sit for now on the second place in the SEA Upper Division, one early loss in the competition keeping them just behind of Neon Esports, who are yet to lose a series. Today’s series against 496 Gaming marked Fnatic’s third consecutive victory in the League schedule and third consecutive win with Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto on a carry Io. The series went smooth for Fnatic who made a quick work of 496 in game one with Wraith King in the front lines, supported by Disruptor and Clockwerk providing their superior vision and the better initiation tools.

After ending the first game without a single death to his name, Raven remained untouchable with Io in the next match to close the series with an impressive 20/0/21 K/D/A.

While Fnatic powered through the final weeks of DPC SEA League with flawless victories, for the Vietnamese 496 squad, week four ended for them tied with Execration and Vice Esports in the last position in the competition with one victory and four losses.

Execration have registered their latest defeat today as well, being knocked down 2-0 by T1, who are now fighting for a top three finish, which can put them in contention for a spot at the Major. The final two weeks in the SEA Upper Division are set to bring some of the most exciting games as any of the currently top five teams stand a chance at grabbing one of the three tickets to the Singapore Major.

Fnatic and Neon Esports will duel for the first seed next week, on February 18 at 19:00 PST/12:00 CET. T1 and TNC matches, scheduled next week on Wednesday and Saturday, respectively, but most likely, their direct confrontation from last week in the League will seal the deal for them. Until then, BOOM Esports, who are currently in the fifth position with two victories and three losses, have two series scheduled on the next week and can potentially spice up the race for a ticket to the Major even more.

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