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About 30 South American teams were not allowed by ESL One admins to play in the open qualifiers for the Los Angeles Major, while Vicious Gaming got directly invited to the closed qualifiers after knocking our three adversaries in the open leg. Unfortunately, none of the mistakes made by ESL One were rectified in a timely manner, hurting a scene that already struggled. 

The open qualifiers registration process for the third round of Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) were held on the ESL One tournament platform, and that wouldn’t have been a major issue if the admins read and understood the rules for Valve sanctioned tournaments. In a Reddit post made by one of the South American teams managers, it was revealed that ESL One pulled out about 30 SA teams after they signed up on the open qualifiers platform, citing that they needed to register first on the Valve Majors registration pagel. Obviously in the wrong, the admins still didn’t change their decision, despite being contacted even by the Team Secret manager, Matthew “Cyborgmatt” Bailey, who tried to make ESL One understand the DPC rules.

LA Major SA ope qualifiers

To make it even a bigger mess, the SA open qualifiers have also featured Vicious Gaming, who although had enough points from the previous qualifiers to be invited in the closed regionals, they were not handed the invite in time. Thus, they started in the open brackets and only after they reached the quarter final and eliminated three teams in the process, they were placed in the closed qualifiers.

ESL One’s super late decision about Vicious Gaming impacts the whole open qualifier process and here is why: three teams got defeated by Vicious Gaming and were not given the chance for a remake in the open qualifiers. The team that had to play Vicious Gaming in the quarterfinals, Omega Gaming were given a default win and advanced to the semifinals, eventually claiming one of the two tickets to the closed qualifiers leg.

Although the situation is pretty serious, neither ESL One or Valve made an official comment. The closed qualifiers are set to begin later today, February 9 with Omega Gaming and Thunder Predator joining from the open brackets.

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