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Presented as “an evolution of the Majors Battle Pass”, Dota Plus is a tool that includes multiple features which will allow you to track your performances and it also rewards your efforts with hero personalized chat wheel lines and item sets.

Dota Plus can be activated via a monthly subscription of $3.99 also available in non-renewing time blocks.

Dota Plus features:

Hero challenges, shard rewards and leveling badges

By playing a single game with a hero, players will be able to unlock a new chat wheel responses custom made for each hero in the game. Each hero will also gain experience levels with each game played. With every level, the player will receive progression badges and rewards shards.

Each hero has its own specially designed challenges, more like the ones Valve designed in their previous quest lines for certain Battle Pass hero rewards, such as the Kunka and Luna.  Each hero also has a reliquary, which includes 14 common relics to be unlocked, 10 common and 4 rare for each hero. The relics can be unlocked with the Shard Rewards and will display personal  statistical milestones at the end of each game.

In addition, shard rewards can be used to acquire Plus-exclusive item sets.

Dota Plus Assistant

The Plus assistant is a tool developed to increase players skill and ease the learning curve for the newcomers. It will offer real time hero picks suggestions during the draft by taking into account the allies and enemy picks. It will also offer in-game ability suggestions at each level and three item build sequences to choose from. The item suggestions will be made according to the lane you chose to play from – top, mid, safe.

Dota Plus Perks

All the Dota Plus subscribers will be able to participate in weekly Battle Cup championships and will have access to a seasonal terrain. In addition, those who choose to subscribe for 6 months will receive a 6% discount and a 12% discount for a 12 months subscription.

Full details about the  Dota Plus tool can be found on the Dota 2 official webpage here.


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