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After being quite underwhelming in 7.07, Pangolier got all of his active abilities  buffed in 7.07b, and has now become a much stronger offlaner. Although his pick rate in pubs has skyrocketed, some players still find it hard to master him as he has the first and the only vector-targeting ability in Dota2. So I hope the following tips will be helpful to all of you who want to get better on this hero.

1. Pangolier doesn’t need to turn in order to take any action or use any item.

2. Swashbuckle will apply autoattack to the enemy Pangolier dashes through , as you can see in the gif, axe took an extra hit.

Note: If he dashes through multiple targets, this extra hit may land on a random one. In this case just right click the hero you want to attack when Pangolier dashes through him.

3. Enable quickcast when you play this hero, you will find it much easier and quicker to Swashbuckle to the right direction with right angle. Even if you’ve never tried quickcast before, try it this time!

4. When recast Shield Crash while still having the buff from a previous cast, it refreshes, and the damage resistance updates if more enemy heroes were hit, but not if less were hit. For example, your first Shield Cast hits 2 heroes which grants you 36% damage reduction, and if you hit 3 heroes within the damage reduction buff duration, buff refreshes and grants you 54% damage reduction, if you only hit 1 hero then the 36% damage reduction buff refreshes.

5. Shield Crash enables Pangolier to jump over impassable terrain, but sometimes the pathfinding system makes it more difficult due to the short jump distance.  In this case Directional Move will help you move in a direction without pathfinding, this commend is also very useful when you try to cast Shadowraze on target who’s on the other side of the obstacle or to Pounce over the cliff.

5. The armor negation from Heartpiercer sets the target’s armor to 0. This means it also negates armor reducing effects.

6. Like Shadow Fiend’s Requiem of Souls, Rolling Thunder can be canceled during its 1.2 second cast animation.

7. After skilling the ‘2s Shield Crash CD in ball’ talent, Shield Crash CD becomes to 2 even it was in CD for a longer time. So always use Swashbuckle and Shield Crash before Rolling Thunder for maximum damage output.

8. When you are in ball, use Shied Crash and then use Swashbuckle before you hit the ground, that will make your Shield Crash land on the Swashbuckle target as well.

9. Blink is a great item on Pangolier, sometimes Eul’s is also a viable choice to make extra knockbacks.

10. In teamfights, use Swashbuckle and Shield Crash first and then Rolling Thunder, after hitting people with Rolling Thunder, you have 3 choice:

  • Find an unpathable terrain and roll back
  • Cancel the Rolling Thunder immediately and deal damage while enemy heroes are still disabled
  • There’s no unpathable terrain in sight, just roll around and being disruptive in teamfight.
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