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On the first day of the FACEIT Major Legends Stage, two teams were able to cause upsets. BIG was able to beat FaZe and compLexity beat Fnatic. Both games were easy victories for BIG and compLexity respectively as they won 16-5 and 16-4 respectively.


There are multiple reasons as to how each team won their bo1, but the common thread is the map veto. First we’ll look at FaZe vs BIG.


When we look at the map pool of BIG, I tier their map pool like this:


S-Tier: Dust2

A-Tier: Cache

C-Tier: Trian, Overpass, Nuke, Inferno

Don’t play: Mirage


For FaZe, I tier it around this:


A-Tier: Mirage, Cache

B-Tier: Inferno, Overpass? (could be C-Tier, but historically it has been one of their better maps)

C-Tier: Train, Dust2

Don’t play: Nuke


So if we look at it this way, the two maps that FaZe cannot let through are Dust2 and Cache. The maps that BIG cannot let through are Mirage and Inferno.


Here is how the veto actually played out:


FaZe ban Nuke and Train

BIG ban Mirage, Cache, Overpass

FaZe ban Inferno

Dust2 is chosen


I don’t know why Karrigan let Dust2 through based on the outside record, so I have to assume it was data based on scrims. Even then, I think that Dust2 is BIG’s most comfortable map and with a team filled with younger players and historical chokers, I think it would have been better to take them out of their comfort zone and go to your relative strength on inferno.


Fnatic vs compLexity’s map veto is a lot less complicated because I think there is only one relevant data point we need to know. CompLexity played inferno in the Challengers stage and won 3-1. They are filled with younger star players like yay and ANDROID. Because of that, I think Fnatic should have forced them to play a different map and show something else. Instead they decided to go the route of “We’re a better team, so we’ll win anyway.” This gave compLexity a better chance to beat Fnatic (based on the data that we have), and now Fnatic is 0-1.


As kassad, CS:GO coach for Valiance pointed out on twitter:


Swiss System bo1s are all about survival and a wrong mistake in the map veto could destroy even the best of teams.

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