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‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Dekay reported this morning that Stewie2K is set to join the Brazilian Squad. You should read the full thing here. So there are a few ways to look at this. It’s clear that s1mple was the best player to get because he is the best player in the world. That fell through and we don’t know why. I can say that if you ever watched the things around the Liquid-s1mple stuff, like Thorin’s reflections with GBJames, the documentaries, or any of that stuff around that time that it sort of makes sense. S1mple doesn’t want to live in NA (though it would be different this time as I suspect he would have lived with the SK guys). On top of that he is an emotional player. Peacemaker said that his mood swings were extreme going from I am the greatest and raging at the players to coming in the next day in tears apologizing for how bad of a teammate he is. But there is one thing that struck out to me which was from the GBJames reflections, where James thinks that they could have got s1mple to stay if Hiko had said, “I love you s1mple, please stay, we need you.” or something crazy along those lines. Anyway for whatever reason, s1mple stayed and so the s1mple/flamie deal fell through.

Now since TACO has already been removed or left, the team still needs a player. They have decided on Stewie2k. It’s an astute choice as Stewie2k wants to win and he should understand that while Cloud 9 is better right now, that SK with him would be a better team. On top of that Cloud 9 has stagnated and while fans don’t like to hear it, the Major was a fluke in that the odds are that happens once every 3-4 tournaments for that squad. I don’t know how they’ll make it work, but I still have faith in them as players and as a team so if they do get him, it’ll be good. As for Cloud 9, they need a new player. Personally, I’d get seangares and see if adding his mind into their game could take Cloud 9 to the next level. Sadly, I think the team is largely skill based so they’ll try to get another skilled player and still have tarik lead.

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