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Xyp9x is rightfully considered the best support player in the world and someone who has come to define the role. As that’s the case, I thought I’d break down what he is doing on each map across Astralis’ map pool. I will focus on the rifle rounds and what he does on each side of the map, excluding Cache as there is no significant data as Astralis don’t play that map.




He is the passive B-site anchor and is very good at holding the site or helping the retakes on the A-site. Beyond that he has a few individual plays he does, though they are rare. In a double AWP setup, he could push up mid solo looking for info or trying to bait a pick for one of the AWPers. Another variation is when Astralis use their deep mid smoke from CT-spawn and Xyp9x could go up to use his nade. This pattern has died out though as a majority of teams have caught up to Astralis’ nade usage.


Finally, though rare, he has a set play with Dupreeh in taking B aps. They use a smoke deep that splits B apts from the stairs area. They then molly and flash Dupreeh in to get the favorable duel against anyone who was isolated and get a clean pick off. I’ve only seen this used once or twice and only when they have a hard read that the enemy was specifically planning a B execute.


On the T-side he’s a passive wing player who plays around palace or T-ramp. In the actual hit, he’s also the passive wing and generally comes in last, which makes sense as he is arguably the best clutcher in the game.




On the CT-side, Xyp9x is the ramp player. He generally plays passive angles, but does have some aggressive and non orthodox patterns he can mix into his game. In terms of duo play, he generally teams up with either gla1ve or dev1ce. They either play passive bait and switch setups or he can push it aggressively with gla1ve (this particular setup can also be done with dupreeh pushing hut).


On the T-side, he also plays the ramp side. In the case that Astralis want to take the ramp room with force, he becomes part of the pack. Like on Mirage, he’s generally in the back of the pack when it comes to hits, though I did see him be used as a lurker once.




On the CT-side, Xyp9x is the mid/long support player. He generally starts the round with helping the team secure long control before either helping gla1ve get in position at long, playing at the site, or playing in spawn. He and Magisk have good synergy as when a B split happens, Magisk seems to consistently flash in Xyp9x and Xyp9x consistently goes in at the right timing.


On the T-side, he plays as part of the pack taking long control. Like the other maps, he’s in the back of the hit.




On the CT-side, Xyp9x is generally the dedicated B anchor player and supports gla1ve and dev1ce in taking banana control. The only other variation I’ve seen him used in is when gla1ve is holding banana solo, in which case Xyp9x is moved over to stack A. In addition to that, he also has a bait and switch setup with dev1ce on the arch side.


On the T-side, he plays in apartments. He’s mostly a passive player, but can be used aggressively if Astralis are trying to use a fake or if they call an audible. In the actual hits, he’s either one of the last into B or on the A site, he plays passively from the apts and supports the others.




On the CT-side, Xyp9x is the B-site anchor. On this map Astralis can use aggressive B hall takes or setups. Some of the more common I’ve seen include Xyp9x and dev1ce playing off of each other in a bait and switch or the three man take of B-halls.


On the T-side of the map, he’s the B halls default player and can sometimes help gla1ve take pop control. Like the other maps, he’s one of the last players in the hit.




On the Ct-side of the map he is once again the B anchor. Like the other maps, he enables the other players to make aggressive moves. In this case he works with gla1ve and dev1ce mostly, but Astralis have also had three players all take the water area with Magisk, gla1ve, and Xyp9x.


As for the T-side of the map, he’s the passive B default player and uses his utility to try to control the B-side of the map for Astralis. Like the other maps, he’s in the back of the hit. On the A-site hit, he’s generally coming into the site from the toilets area.


Overall, Xyp9x is the support player. He is the small site anchor for nearly every map, he tries to play passively so that he is a stable force for his teammates. When he is used aggressively, it’s usually to enable or trade frag his teammates plays. Overall, he’s one of the best foundational piece any team could hope for in terms of creating a base of teamplay within the team.

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