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You’ve heard it before and it probably shouldn’t surprise you anymore, but Natus Vincere lost another game they should have won on paper.

The team took a 2-1 loss that saw them out of contention for the ESL Pro League finals against Heroic. Even worse was the absolute domination that Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev placed upon his opponents in the loss.

s1mple would finish the three-map series with a +40 kill-to-death ratio, a whopping +31 more than the closest player in the server Denis “electronic” Sharipov. With 93.7 average damage per round across a total of 82 rounds, s1mple had 20 ADR higher than any of his teammates and 15.9 more than Benjamin “blameF” Bremer, the leader for Heroic.

The Ukrainian star shared his frustration on Twitter after but at this point even he has to be getting used to the constant disappointment. The worlds best player has been on an underperforming Na’Vi for longer than many believe is warranted.

Many in the community are openly calling for roster moves, begging Na’Vi to “give s1mple help” out of respect for the player and just how good he is.

Regardless of what Na’Vi or s1mple choose to do, it’s clear that he is more than a cut above the rest of his teammates and unless something starts to click in their individual ability the results will continue to look great for him and bad for the team.

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