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As reported by neL, the Vitality team have officially signed a CS:GO team. It consists of: NBK, apEX, Happy, RpK, and ZywOo. There is a lot of hype surrounding this team either based on rumors of scrim results or backlash against the current G2 roster as is.


Whatever the case, it’s an interesting project, if only because it has put NBK in the position that Shox was in during the French Shuffle where he replaced Shox and SmithZz with kennyS and apEX on EnVyUs. At that time shox had to create a second best French team in the world and try to supercede the first.


This time, it is NBK’s turn. So when I look at this team, there are some good pieces. I think apEX is the best entry fragger in France. RpK was good when on EnVyUs. Happy can be a good player. ZywOo remains a question mark for me until I see how well he performs at LANs. As for NBK, I think he’s the most versatile player in France so he will likely fill any roles that need to be fixed.


The question for me is if NBK is serious about leading. He’s tried multiple times and stopped multiple times. Even in the last iteration with G2, he said he was willing to join the new G2 project except he was blocked for political reasons as far as I can tell. If this team wants to have a serious chance, then NBK will have to serious take up the mantle of being the in-game leader and what it entails.


Even then, there are a bunch of problems. While I think there are good players on this team, I’m not certain how they are supposed to work together as NBK is the only true supportive end player. Happy is idiosyncratic so NBK will have to find a way to get him to work. ZywOo is completely new to this level of Counter-Strike, so that’s another challenge. So for me, NBK is the key for Vitality’s success going forward.

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