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Shox recently went onto a G2 podcast with ocelote. It’s an excellent podcast and you should listen to it here. In the podcast he talks about the project he pitched to ocelote, the one where he wanted to play with SmithZz, Ex6TenZ, kennyS, and bodyy. The thing I want to point out is his intense passion to want to play with Ex6TenZ. When I was watching that I was reminded of Richard Lewis’ account of talking with shox about what he wanted from CS:GO. The one where he says the most memorable thing that characterizes shox to him is playing from the heart. You can hear the entire thing in his podcast with Thorin here. It’s either that episode or the one before that one.

On some level I can understand where shox is coming from. When we talk about the highest level of competition, players inevitably create a fingerprint, a mark, a soul that the astute observer can see. And among the top players there are those who either master the standard game to the highest level or those who go out and cut their own path. So when I heard shox talking about that, I was reminded of Daigo. He’s a player who has a huge distaste for playing to the advantageous meta of any current day. He wants to reach for something more. In his words, “Sticking to conventions doesn’t require any special individual effort. It’s just being pragmatic, almost like you’re giving up on chasing your dreams and working a job instead.”

Daigo is a player who wants something more from his own game and from the spectacle. He wants to show something deeper.

“The ultimate strength, however, is strong in a way people can’t even fathom. It can’t be put into words, and no one can analyze it. Only those who have attained that level of strength know it’s secret. Therein lies the godlike strength that inspires the masses and makes the crowd go wild.”

As a player shox does have that special attribute. Someone who can shock the world with his plays and intuitions. At the same time he started to really get into gear near the end of his time on the old G2 lineup so I anticipate his return once he’s recovered from his injuries.

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