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Yesterday G2 announced a change to the roster as they removed Ex6TenZ and SmithZz for Lucky and JaCkz. While I can understand why G2 felt the impetus to make a change to the roster, the shuffle doesn’t inherently fix any of the problems of the past G2 lineup and it could potentially compound them.


To understand why, we have to think about why Ex6TenZ and SmithZz were brought into the lineup by shox. During that year of play, shox was an underwhelming star player. The premise of creating that particular superteam was that shox could in-game lead and continue to be a star player like he did on the previous G2 lineup with ScreaM. That didn’t happen. The other problem that shox came to realize was that he could not be the in-game leader of the team.


To fix this problem, NBK tried to step up and be the in-game leader, but he and Shox clashed with Shox initiating the shuffle. At this point, the team brought on Ex6TenZ and SmithZz for leadership and teamplay respectively. The plan was for this to be a long term project where they slowly built up over time. That didn’t happen as they didn’t get good enough results for the G2 management to continue the project.


So when I look back at their time together now, here is how I’d evaluate the team. Shox came back into form and found his motivation again as he was playing with two of his best friends in SmithZz and Ex6TenZ. SmithZz was about as bad as I remembered him. Boddy was the definition of an average role player. kennyS completely failed as a star AWPer. Given those factors I’d say that Ex6TenZ probably did an above average job for the team considering those factors.


However it was a team that was created to try to win titles so that’s why a change was needed. The problem was that the team was too late. All of the potential veteran players you could have wanted had already joined the Vitality project. Same problem if they had wanted ZywOo for kennyS. KioShiMa would have been a great choice, but for whatever reason he isn’t a part of the French shuffle. ScreaM could have worked, but the style of play wouldn’t have fit the long term vision of the squad.


In the end they went with the current roster move. I think everyone outside of some of the French players in the G2 lineup would agree that SmithZz had to go. Regardless of whatever intangibles he was bringing to the team, it wasn’t enough. As for Ex6TenZ, I don’t think it made much sense to remove him given the solution they had. According to Ex6TenZ on twitlonger, the original plan was to have Shox be in-game leader, remove bodyy and have Ex6TenZ play his roles. In terms of roles, that made no logical sense as while bodyy was average, having Ex6TenZ switch roles to replace him isn’t an actual solution and Ex6TenZ recognized this and decided to refuse the offer even if it would have been beneficial for him.


The other part of this shuffle that makes  zero logical sense is Shox going back to in-game leading. They’ve already run this scenario before and we already know the end result. Shox can’t lead and be a star player in any consistent fashion. I think if Ex6TenZ had to go, the correct move would have been to get a new in-game leader rather than have Shox lead.  The only candidates in the French scene right now that I know of is either logan or ALEX.


As it stands, the current G2 roster doesn’t have a good long term plan because it hasn’t fixed some of the inherent problems. Lucky and JaCkz are likely going to be better players so in terms of firepower they’ll be better off. However they still haven’t solved in the leadership issue and they haven’t figured out how to get kennyS to be good again.


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