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Today, Stanislaw did a twitlonger out about his experiences with his time on the new OpTic lineup. There is a lot to unpack here. First, we need to talk about the first time he joined and left OpTic, the iteration that won ELeague and then got 2nd at ECS. After he left OpTic, he stayed silent, but that left a narrative from which the OpTic fans criticized and flamed him, eventually giving him the nickname “snakeislaw”.

The nickname didn’t make much sense if you consider that he was initially kicked out of OpTic when tarik joined the team and then brought back on after things didn’t work out with daps for that one week. Now, we then move on to the time he joined Liquid, where he talked about what broke down between him and Liquid. The biggest difference maker seemed to be that he and zews clashed on the ideology of how the team should be run. Zews wanted to have a structured style while stanislaw preferred a loose style. In the end, Liquid went with zews. In the aftermath of that, stanislaw learned his lesson about staying silent and gave his side of the events and why it happened.

Now we come to this iteration of OpTic. This time, stanislaw and ShahZam were kicked for Snappi and jugi. In the twitlonger, he explains how things never felt like a team, that there was already a clear divide between the NA components and the Danish components of the team. He tried to reconcile the differences, but it never worked out as the Danes spoke in Danish at least according to him. According to stanislaw, they were unresponsive and unwilling to work or compromise with him. The twitlonger paints a lurid picture of how Jacob (Maelk) tried to reassure stanislaw and ShahZam things were changing, but in the end they found out from another source that they were the ones being replaced.

Right, so what are my thoughts on this. The first thing to take into consideration is that this is from the perspective of one person, so always take it with a grain of salt. (Soon after the twitlonger was released, Gade basically implied stanislaw was a liar on twitter).

I’d personally wait for an actual investigative journalist to look into the story like Dekay as they are more reliable on getting a broader picture of the moving parts.  If you’ve ever seen Rashomon, you can understand that even if someone is speaking what they think to be the truth, that it can come out differently than how others perceived the exact same events. As an outsider, I thought this was always in the works. The second I saw a Danish core of three players, I thought this was almost certain to happen. Even more so looking at the difficulties of both North and Heroic, I thought some of those players would jump ship.

After watching French CS:GO for years, I’ve learned that the players have the power to move rosters in the team, so you have to make sure you have the vote count in your favor. This was always a losing proposition considering that the Danes outnumber the NA players 3:2. I will say, if it’s true that the NA players weren’t told straight up that roster changes were imminent, that is a bit much since you could give them the courtesy to prepare their next step. But in the end, I think the writing for this team was on the wall the moment they didn’t find immediate success.

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