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Last night’s update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive brought a lot of changes and people are on both sides of the aisle about it.

While most are thrilled about the new “agent” skins, a new case, and some missions – the weapon changes aren’t so widely well-received.

The update saw the SG 553 (Krieg) nerfed via its price point as it was raised by $2750 to $3000. In addition, the FAMAS and Galil were both buffed via a lowering of their price ($2050 for the FAMAS and $1800 for the Galil) as well as an improvement to their accuracy when being sprayed.

North’s Philip “aizy” Aistrup pointed out how a T-side team with a bomb plant but a lost first round still has the potential to buy 5 galils and armor in the second round. Even with a win, most teams opted to grab a couple of SMGs given the weakness of the Galil and monetary advantage of the SMGs. This looks to be a major change coming to the scene.

Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen didn’t hold back either, referencing aizy’s tweet and asking Valve to stop messing with the economy because “its not working.”

Chaos Esports Club player Joshua “steel” Nissan highlighted the fact that even with the price increase, the SG which is better than the M4 in nearly every category is still less expensive than the CT-sided weapon. Oh, “and the silenced m4 is still useless.”

Team Liquid’s Russel “Twistzz” VanDulken was a bit more optimistic and saw it as a positive that the Galil had gotten a much-needed buff given he’d oftentimes rather use a pistol over it (well, a really strong pistol).

Esports commentator Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat is clearly not a fan, claiming the move was “slowly turning their [Valve’s] game into CoD, where you can have a rifle every round.” He added that “This feels like a game that’s going to lose its identity.”

Jason “moses” O’Toole, a former professional player and a top tier analyst and commentator doesn’t like the decision either as he “hates these updates tinkering with the prices of weapons in an already completely fucked economy system.”

Knowing how Valve typically works though, it could be sometime before any adjustments are made. The game’s developer likes to give plenty of time for people to adjust being making decisions as to whether their changes should be reverted or adjusted so I’d say get comfortable with where it’s at.

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