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OG and G2 have set themselves up for a battle to decide who will move into the BLAST Premier Spring Finals and whose place isn’t set yet. The teams are currently competing in Group C of the BLAST Premier Spring Series.

OG managed to defeat Evil Geniuses in their opener in what was a nailbiter of a series that went to the absolute limit for the squads. The first two maps would go the distance at 16-14 each before the third and final map went into overtime where OG was able to abuse EG’s CT setup and secure the 19-17 win. Valdemar “valde” Bjørn Vangså had a strong performance, finishing the series with a +23 kill-to-death differential and a server high 901 average damage per round.

G2 didn’t need a third map to secure their win, however, as the French and Serbian lineup took down 100 Thieves in just two. A 16-13 win on Dust2 set the teams up for a meeting on Vertigo where G2 would once again pull away with a narrow win at 16-12. The scoreboard looks worse than the map scores with not a single member of G2 going negative and only two members of 100 Thieves posting a +1. Nemanja “nexa” Isaković led the charge for his side at +19 and 91.5 ADR, following closely by Kenny “kennyS” Schrub who had a +14 and 85.5 ADR.

Evil Geniuses have since defeated 100 Thieves, sending them to the BLAST Showdown. EG will play the loser of the G2 & OG match to decide who will receive the final spot in the BLAST Spring Finals.

G2 and OG will meet in roughly an hour with the match being streamed live here.

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