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Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is heading home to Twitch the 26-year-old and the platform have announced. The popular streamer and former professional Counter-Strike player has been relatively off the grid since Mixer announced it was shutting its doors on June 22nd but had made three mysterious posts since.

The gifs had led many to debate as to whether he’d be returning to competition in VALORANT, however, it seems the inclusion of the game held no extra meaning.

His official announcement tweet was simple in its delivery in typical shroud fashion only saying “I’m coming home” before posting a link to his Twitch channel alongside a video.

A follow up tweet gave fans the information they were hoping for – when was he making his return? “Tomorrow. 11AM PST.”

In addition to his return, it seems he’ll be sporting a new logo.

Known for his aim, the new logo sports a reticle with an arrow pointing toward it at the end of his name written in a unique font.

His channel has already been made partnered again and fans can resubscribe to the human aimbot before he even goes live on Twitch for the first time (well…again).

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