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When Virtus.Pro announced that they had decided to reform another all Polish lineup, I was skeptical. In terms of firepower, it was alright. MICHU and snatchie had shown glimpses of skill. Byali is up and down, but good enough for this team. Snax had lost his form when he took the in-game leadership role in 2017. For this team to succeed though, they’d have to rely on TOAO and kuben making them an actual unit. They’d have to find the right roles, build up the map pool, and create a coherent identity.

When I think on the classic Virtus.Pro, what made them special though was their team play, chemistry, and tactical innovation. This was a team that consistently renewed things within the team either through role changes or learning new maps. However a lot of that success was predicated on the TaZ and NEO combination of working together to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. That partnership was built over a decade long and I had no reason to believe that TOAO could do what they had done.
Today looks to be the death knell of the project. Virtus.Pro announced that they have benched TOAO as he was unable to meet expectations and Snax has become the in-game leader. We’ve already seen Snax at the in-game leader role and it wasn’t pretty. If Virtus.Pro want to succeed with this all Polish lineup, they need an in-game leader, but there seem to be none left. As that’s the case, I don’t think there is any hope left for this Virtus.Pro lineup.

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