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Here is the first part of the answers to your twitter questions about the French scene where I give my opinion.

The first thing is to think about his contractual situation. Can he be freed by G2? If not, how much is his buyout and who could buy him? In both case, I think that he’s not a quitter and I have no doubt that he still has that motivation in him. What’s promising is that he wasn’t that bad on the server and I know that point was something annoying for him. To be honest I think he will wait for a bit, see what happens, probably until the major.

If ScreaM is still on the market after the major, a team with that belgian core wouldn’t sound crazy to me. They have a good friendship, played together in the past and ScreaM is also a brand, useful to create something. They would need other players around of course, It may depend on how the LDLC and G2 teams fare but I’m pretty sure that something nice could happen.

Before 2015, results were good, so no real reason to bring in new guys. Then it’s all about timing and opportunities. DEVIL was the first one, then bodyy, SIXER also had his chance for a comeback, then xms, hAdji, ZywOo, and now JACKZ and Lucky. So that’s not really true, new players have been injected regularly since the last victory of a French team at a Major.

No, not for a while at least. SmithZz’s return showed a poor level, explainable after more than a year without playing the game AT ALL. So he would have to work on that if he really wants to comeback, but as he said in his statement, he didn’t enjoy his time playing after his comeback. So another comeback is unlikely to me. So what’s next for him? He can now help G2 as an analyst/co-coaching role, he’s such a positive person to be around that he can help them on a day to day basis for sure.

France had a good amount of leaders in CS:S and 1.6 (HaRts, Ex6TenZ, KRL, Ozstrik3r, AsP, etc.). Most of them didn’t make the switch to CS:GO or didn’t stay for long so there’s a real lack of IGLs in our scene. Happy came in a little by surprise, seeing him with such a level and surpassing Ex6TenZ was surprising. As of today, in game leaders in the top teams (shox, NBK, ALEX, davidp) are players that learned from Ex6 and try to renew a working method that seems to run out of steam over time. Today, pure leaders are pretty rare, most are players that try to lead because no-one would do it. matHEND, wallax, Lambert are leading in the french subtop for years but never had the possibility to step up. As of today, the only leader that I would be excited to see at high level in France is MAJ3R. He has everything for the job: Experience, good mentality, results and is a good player overall. He’s still young in the role and that’s what’s exciting.

The results of the French teams since 2016 are not like they were anymore. The problem with ScreaM is the same as with kioShiMa. All the players have known each other for years. When french teams are not winning, they don’t want to bring in players they know by heart. Because they know what they can bring, also what they cannot bring and how they behave in every situations, including the bad moments. Basically, they don’t want to do the same mistakes that they already did. That’s why they picked new players because there’s still the hope that they will complete the team how they want in game and out of the game, which would not necessarily be the case with ScreaM and kio.

No. NBK already explained that he respects a lot Ex6TenZ but he doesn’t want to play with him anymore, at least under his lead. Unless something goes really bad, I don’t see Ex6 as a viable solution for Vitality.

-if it wasn’t shox who took the decision about ex6 and smithzz, who exactly then?

Players didn’t decide the moves. The coach maLeK and manager NiaK decided the strategy. maLeK was coaching 3DMAX before joining G2. Two players from 3DMAX joined G2… I think it’s pretty clear.

-scream future?
He’s still waiting for an offer from a good team, I would say a top 30 team or a team with a good project. I don’t think that he’s waiting for a big financial offer, at this point I think that he’s just looking to enjoy an interesting project from an esport point of view. France or International.

-is there any orgs interested to pick ex6 or smithzZ as far as you know?

Way too early.

-has LDLC received any offers for their players ?

I think a lot of people are looking at AmaNEk right now, he should be the next big thing in our scene. He can lead as well so he’s definitely someone to keep an eye on. Especially when contracts are ending in the near future.

I think he could join LDLC or 3DMAX if they are in good leagues (3D can qualify for pro league for example). Maybe G2 after the Major if bodyy doesn’t improve. I don’t think he will join Vitality.

He’s playing for C9 right now and shouldn’t move at least until the major. 


The second part will come Wednesday.

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