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The league referred to as “B Site” up until now has finally been given its rightful title as “FLASHPOINT.” The league has its eyes set on creating a more sustainable business model for Counter-Strike teams, and the players involved.

“The brainchild of the most exciting members of the CS:GO community, FLASHPOINT is a completely new entertainment product targeted at adults that takes inspiration from UFC and WWE,the press release states.

A name that many in the scene are familiar with, Duncan “Thorin” Shields has been appointed Creative Director for FLASHPOINT. The experienced analyst and esports historian has been through a lot of Counter-Strike and he believes that has put him in a prime position to help lead this new venture. “I’ve seen every significant tournament and league in Counter-Strike history and progress in developing the format and tone of the broadcast has been painfully slow, primarily because it has taken years before creatives from the community were in a position to influence those aspects,” he said. “This league is finally Counter-Strike the way I’ve always wanted to see it presented. Not aping any traditional sport but leading the way with a new and authentic direction.”

With the name comes a slogan of “RUSH.FRAG.REPEAT.” as revealed in the video, league looks to create a new type of content around Counter-Strike. The league plans to craft “storylines and building personalities and content never before seen in esports, taking inspiration from the biggest sports entertainment products in the world.”  

FLASHPOINT will have $2,000,000 up for grabs in 2020, one of the largest prize pools in CS:GO history.

“The goal for the ultimate esports league is to create an open, diverse league showcasing, celebrating and attracting the best CS:GO players on the planet,” the league explains. Currently, Flashpoint lists MIBR, Cloud9, OverActive Media, Gen.G, Dignitas, and c0ntact Gaming as the organizations set to participate in the new venture.

Kent Wakeford, Co-Founder, and Vice-Chairman of Gen.G Esports had the following to say in regards to his organizations view of the landscape and why they chose to participate in the new project. “Today, many esports leagues are fundamentally broken, pitting the leagues against teams and players to bicker over divergent interests and scraps of economics. FLASHPOINT radically changes the model by bringing all groups together to share the rewards of their collective success.” 

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