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One of the most surprising moves in the CS:GO post Major shuffle season is where suNny is going. The original reports had suNny potentially joining Cloud9. This morning, Dekay reported that suNny is now in talks to join ENCE. It’s a surprising move, but one that I can respect.

SuNny was the best Finnish player in the world for 2018. In terms of overall performance, he was a top 20 player and at his peak, was close to being a top five player. Having said that, his last few months in Mouz did not look good as his form teetered off by the end of that Mouz lineup.

So any team that is looking to suNny is banking on the idea that they can revitalize him in a new lineup and that he will become peak suNny again. It’s not a bad gamble as we’ve seen players come back after joining a new lineup.

What makes this particular roster shuffle so intriguing is timing. ENCE have just come off a legendary run to the Major finals at IEM Katowice. Normally teams would be hesitant to make a roster change after a historic run. That was fine in the past back when there was less money and contracts in the space. In modern day CS:GO though, teams need to make moves according to timing.

Right now is the time when suNny is available. So if ENCE think that he will upgrade the roster (and the historical data points to him being an individually better player than most of their current squad), then they need to make a move now before he gets locked into a higher contract.

As for who should get replaced, there are only two names up for debate. Aleksib can’t be removed as he’s the in-game leader. Allu is the AWPer. Sergej is their future. The only possible choices are Aerial or xseveN. Both choices have their merits. Aerial can be a direct one-for-one replacement as suNny can play that role in the team. In that scenario, ENCE just do a straight upgrade.

The other choice is xseveN. In terms of role, it doesn’t make much sense as xseveN and suNny don’t play similar styles of CS at all. On top of that, xseveN performed incredibly well at the Major for ENCE. In terms of firepower, it would be the largest differential, but if ENCE go this route, I think they’d have to redo the entire system and shift a bunch of different things around. Personally, I think it makes sense to replace Aerial with suNny if ENCE do this move. We’ll have to see what ENCE decide if they can push this deal through.

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