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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is seeing some of its best days according to Steam Charts. The game has once again seen it’s highest ever player count record broken. Having broken the previous record for highest average monthly users with December 2019, CS:GO broke its highest player count record just yesterday before bypassing it again today and breaking the 900,000 peak player mark.

As of now, 901,305 is the new record for highest player count for the popular first-person shooter from Valve.

Steam Charts

Prior to yesterday’s record of 874,875 the highest number of concurrent players was seen back in April 2016. This coincided closely with the MLG Columbus Major which saw Luminosity (which saw its core go on to be SK Gaming and then MIBR) defeat Natus Vincere to secure the title.

While many outside of the space like to throw around the idea that the eight-year-old game is past its prime and dying, this information points quite to the contrary. Player records are being broken in more than one category as CS:GO moves ever closer to the decade mark and extends the Counter-Strike series past 20 years.

As of the posting of this article, CS:GO had a lead of 237,787 players at peak over Dota 2, the second-highest in the last 30 days.


CS:GO going free-to-play coupled with the recent news regarding new leagues, restructuring, new rosters, organizations rejoining the scene, and the new content via Operation Shattered Web, has certainly helped lead to these new heights.

Now fans hold their breath and wait to see if CS:GO will break the massive 1,000,000 barrier.

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