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‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

The offseason rollercoaster continues. Each new day brings a new development in the offseason shuffle. Yesterday, the big one was realsport reporting that cajunB and JUGI are being put on the bench.

The Cajunb move was surprising as he’s always been a consistent force in each of the Danish teams he’s been a part of. He was also a secondary caller for MSL back when the two of them played together in Dignitas/North. What should have made it even better this time around was that MSL was probably going to stick to the AWP so he could have gotten even more out of CajunB as a rifler.

I can only think of two reasons as to why CajunB was benched. Either there was still some conflict remaining between him and MSL or practice had gone so badly in the last few days that the team had to take drastic measures. As for the JUGI move, I don’t like the move, but I’m not surprised by it either. JUGI hasn’t been good for a long period of time, but I was hoping that MSL could resurrect his career.

We’ll have to see what OpTic do with the lineup, but the core four remaining (k0nfig, MSL, refrezh, and niko) should still be a solid base to build off of.

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