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As the OpTic organization has moved to a European roster, their slot in North America was left vacant. The Immortals owned Made in Brazil roster will take the spot the league has announced. The Majority Brazilian roster features three players which formerly played under SK Gaming in the division and two from the previous Major winning Cloud9 lineup which also competes in the division. This directly influenced ESL’s decision to award them the spot.

SK Gaming continues to hold onto the license for their EPL spot which left Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo and co. without a guaranteed spot in the division until this announcement.

After reviewing the situation and having a spot available, ESL concluded this roster should receive the spot as they are “one of the best teams in the world.”

Full list of ESL Pro League North American division teams below:

United States eUnited
North America boxr
North America compLexity
United States Cloud9
Canada Ghost
North America Liquid
Brazil Luminosity
Brazil MIBR
United States NRG
Australia Renegades
United States Rogue
Other SK
Statement from ESL on the background and decision-making process can be found below.


With the move of OpTic Gaming from North American Pro League into European MDL there is an open slot in North American Pro League for Season 8. Further, after SK Gaming’s roster joined MIBR the league license remained with the organization, SK Gaming, leaving the team around Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo without a Pro League spot.


The league administration hands the vacant Pro League license over to MIBR and their roster. The decision to award MIBR the open slot is based on the fact their roster consists of former Pro League players (SK Gaming and Cloud9) and is one of the best teams in the world.

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