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FACEIT has come forward and announced that are starting a new professional league for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for aspiring players and professionals.

Press Release:

FACEIT, the leading competitive gaming platform and creators of the Esports Championship Series (ECS), is bringing its FACEIT Pro League (FPL) Circuit to North America, creating a new CS:GO competitive space for seasoned professional players, as well as a system for aspiring, talented newcomers to rise to the professional level.

Just like the successful European FPL, the FPL North America will act as a venue for amateurs and established professionals to play together, providing an aspirational layer for amateurs and giving professionals a competitive environment away from their training schedules. By supporting new players who are performing at the highest possible level, the FPL will provide fresh blood for the whole esports ecosystem of CS:GO.

The European counterpart of the FPL has been active since August 2015 and has surfaced multiple players who are now competing at the highest professional level in CS:GO. Notable players who have risen through the FPL EU, include Jonas ‘Lekr0’ Olofsson, Robin ‘ropz’ Kool and Tomáš “oskar” Šťastný.

From the initial concept of a single closed league where the top talents were invited to play, the FPL is today a Circuit which involves 20+ local European organizers that provide through the FACEIT HUBS a fresh competitive experience at the grass-roots level and a new direct route to qualify for the FPL.

“The good results obtained by the FPL Circuit so far have proven that we are creating something valuable and important for the whole CS:GO community, thanks to a close collaboration with both players and local organizers. We would like to publicly thank them for their important contributions,” said Fabio Floris, Chief Product Officer at FACEIT. “With the launch of the FPL NA Circuit, we wanted to provide the North American CS:GO community the same support to develop the competitive scene from the grass-roots to the highest levels.”

Structured similarly to the FPL in Europe, the FACEIT Pro League North America will have a $20,000 prize pool every month, in addition to the FPL Challenger League which will have a prize pool of $3,000. Players can qualify for the FPL Challenger in two ways: by rising through Premium Master Leagues, or through the local circuits that are managed by local organizers. At the start, three of the first organizers will be included in the Circuit, and others will be included in the future. These local organizers, Pregame, Dust2US and Mythic, run their own community-driven FACEIT HUBs and represent the grass-roots level of the FPL Circuit. In total, 110 players will have the opportunity to compete in the Monthly FPL Challenger Qualifier which will give to the top 5 player the access to the FPL Challenger league.

For more information on the FACEIT Pro League North America Circuit, check out the official blog post at


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